MICROENER is a manufacturer and integrator operating in the Electrical Energy and Railway Infrastructure fields. MICROENER offers these markets both “Catalogue products” and “Personalized Global Solutions”. Since 1997, the date of its incorporation, the know-how acquired in these activities by its technical teams and partners places MICROENER as one of the players in the vanguard of these Markets.

MICROENER’s strength lies partly in its reactivity and in the adaptability of its standard solutions, but also in the fact that it listens to and understands its Clients’ needs.

As a result of this characteristic, MICROENER has both a Client approach and a Product approach, thanks to its extremely wide and varied catalogue.

Its Commercial network therefore offers original and economically interesting solutions within both these fields of activity.

Real-time monitoring of its Clients and products allows the technical teams to design and develop or adapt solutions that respond to Client or Market requirements at all times. The permanent dialogue that MICROENER holds with its Clients creates a climate of trust and thus ensures a calm, friendly and lasting relationship.

During the various design or project completion phases, the involvement of the cabling or manufacturing workshops as early as possible eases the move into production. This plays a large role in the quality and reliability of the solutions proposed by MICROENER and also eases the factory acceptance phase.

Lastly, the presence of a Customer Service Department, an Applications Department and a Training Department highlights MICROENER’s professionalism. These departments allow it to assist or guide Clients or future Clients in choosing the most suitable solution for their requirements, providing assistance with commissioning, improving the Company’s feedback and explaining the originality of the solutions offered.